Company Info

  • M.S.Integrated Systems and Ctrl P. ltd (ISC) is Company registered in India and working since Nov 1989. ISC is registered as Permanent SSI unit  with Delhi Government no: 55 55 PMT SSI 08 84 00509.
  • M.S.Integrated Systems and Ctrl P. ltd (ISC) is a Microwave, Defense and Satcom Company specializing in design solutions at the subsystems level in the areas of Radar, Microwave Radios and Satellite communication.
  • Our Company interfaces with end-user to technically arrive at the design requirements for specific to application requirements.
  •  Subsequent to development of the sub systems or special components, we provide support to integrate in the Indian user systems.
  • We have worked with Indian Public Sector Defense, Private and Governmental Organizations.

Our share of Business is;

  • 65 % Space and Defense.
  • 30% Special to type designs in Institutes for Plasma Research and Hi power Tubes and Klystron Drivers.
  • 05% or less is from the Private Industry.

Some of the Projects we have done cover:

Transfer of Technology Project for the 15 G Hz , 18 G Hz, 23 G Hz and 28 G Hz with IDU s working from 64 Kbps to 16 E 1 and SUB STM-1 up to 55 Mbps data rates. This was done from a Company in Denmark with our partnership for Techno Commercial requirements in India for H F C L ( Himachal Futuristic Comm.Ltd) . Latter Rescom a/s was taken over by Ericsson Sweden.

We do special SAW , Microwave Ferrite sub systems , and Phase Shifters toroidal and reciprocal by MESL Microwave Ltd UK , This Company  - we work since days when it was part of Thales as Thales MESL. Hi Power differential phase shift 4 port circulators, special to type Space Qualified Hardware , Hi power X band Space qualified 4 port Circulators and other work in Monopulse Receivers, Exciters, and transmitters, Special to low N F LNAs , up to W Band. Including Ka Band SPDT fast switching in nano Secs for ECCM operations.

We work with Airborne Satellite Communication platforms for Ku Band for India specifically for Airborne Ku Band for network centric applications. The company name is AeroSat Avionics LLC. AeroSat specialises in Ku , Ka - airborne satcom platfroms . These platforms are available to fit any aircraft type - SMALLEST to LARGEST ! Hi speed communication of data , audio video, internet best suited for civil commerical and military applications from AeroSat Avionics LLC can be supproted. We can discuss your specific requirement and find a solution if there is one which is not already in the profile !!

We do special to type developments , for phase control , frequency, amplitude control for Plasma Applications and special to type systems have been developed from L to Ka Band and approved. Also work has been done for the IFF for Ground based and Airborne transponder for Sources at 1030 and 1090 M Hz. Drivers for hi power tubes, special to application synthesizer is being done for Indian Defence in cooperation.

We also worked with Richardson Co. called Covimag in France and CELTI SA in France. Prana which is a systems integration co. we have provided Hi power test set to test Phase shifters used in TRS 2215 Thales Radars – with a Magnetron source up to 25 KW peak power, variable duty cycle, pulse width , and PRF.

Lot of work done by us and we have close associations over world in USA, Holland, UK and France.